Friday, June 29, 2012

My Baby is 2!

Why does time fly by faster the older you get?  My baby girl just turned 2!  She's growing so fast.  She learns new things every day and she is just amazing.  

My beautiful baby girl two years ago at two weeks old.  Gosh, she has changed so much!!

Me and Jaidyn at her first birthday party.  We had a big shindig and she loved all the attention from some of her favorite people.

Jaidyn at her first birthday party.

She's all sandy here from playing hard like only a two-year-old can, but here's one of her few smiling pictures, taken just after her birthday.  It's so hard to get this little one to smile for a photo!

This wrapping paper is from target.  I love it paired with a pretty ribbon.  So simple and pretty.

Here's big brother working on his card for Sissy.  He drew a gorgeous picture inside and even wrote her name.  He picked the card out because he knows how much she likes owls.  He's already so thoughtful.  Owl was Jaidyn's first animal word, right after Momma, Dada, and Bubba.

The birthday princess waking up on her special day.  I love that face!

Jaidyn got a LeapPad from mommy and daddy.  Do you think she'll stay off my iPad now?  Yea, I don't think so either.  It's okay though, I love watching her little fingers swipe to find her favorite games and pictures.  The little cutie in the picture is my niece, Ella.

I am so thankful I took time the night before her birthday to set the LeapPad up.  It took about an hour to download all the games and get it set up so she was able to play with it as soon as she opened it.  I don't think she could have waited!  She absolutely loves having her own tablet.  

Even though we didn't do a big birthday party, I had to make her a birthday dress.  I didn't use a pattern or tutorial but I based the dress on some pictures I found on the internet.  The dress is called a knot dress.  If you google it you can find tons of pictures and I'm sure there are tutorials and patterns.

This is Jaidyn's favorite material.  I've made two other dresses with the fabric, one for my niece and one for a customer, and Jaidyn always says, 'oooohhh, wooooww!!'  Yes, she loves owls, but she also loves birds.  Her word right after owl was 'bo'...what she calls bird.

Ah, there's my sweet little girl!!  I think she was tired of me snapping pictures, haha.  I said 'smile' and this is what she did.  Then she giggled and of course I missed that picture!

She practiced blowing matches for months before this.  I use matches to heat seal ribbon and I usually just have her blow it out, so she was a pro at blowing the candles out.  In fact, she's sitting next to me right now looking at this picture and blowing!  Silly girl :)

The cake was delicious.  Jaidyn loves Oreos!

I wish time would slow down, just a little. 

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